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    Default Beauty tips for man

    Not only women but also men need to care their fitness and beauty huh huh. My boyfriend is a black guy, but he's good for me.

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    Don't use fairness product of low price. Make it yourself using natural resource.

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    Let buy beauty product good quality.not an local,Never think of cost s high if cost s high then the product will be good take care of ur natural beauty

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    Boys need makeup too.

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    NAhhhh i don't think so, just girls need make-up dude

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    In Young age, No men need makeup. as Compared to women she also needs makeup.

    women use daily makeup and go anywhere.

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    Beauty tips for Man are given below:
    1. Always apply sunscreen
    2. Exfoliate daily
    3. Avoid Wrinkles

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    Default Beauty

    You are absolutely right. Thanks for your compliment.

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