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    Default Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boomber
    Gmail works. But you have to be invided there.
    If you are a forum visitor then you can easily request an invite as members have tons of them lying around. I personally like the usability of Hotmail.

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    gmail ranks in at no.1 for me and then yahoomail. i have never use hotmail though - a perfect humour site

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    gmail is the best,then comes yahoo and finally hotmail.although gmail is better but i usually use yahoo for its popularity.

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    I definitely say gmail is the best and after that I prefer yahoo and the hotmail comes after that. I uses yahoo more than hotmail but hotmail is good.

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    I use all three. My primary email is Yahoo. I have just been using them for the longest and like their email program a lot. I think they are the best

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    Yahoo mail is best for text based or html based emails, and gmail is best for image based emails , not recommend hotmail at all.

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    Gmail is by far all around the best. Gmail is fast, no advertisements, embedded messenger, and provides more space then any other free email. Then I would have to say hotmail and yahoo are pretty much a tie, but I think hotmail is more user friendly.

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    I use hotmail
    but everyboday say that gmail is better...
    I don't know...

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    For me it's got to be Gmail. Simple interface and easy to use.

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    I use yahoo because today yahoo have added many feature, can chat without open yahoo messenger and folder feature.

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