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    For me, Yahoo and Gmail is the best, i can't choose the best among them because the two of them really good.
    Although i should pay to use pop3 mail.
    I still can use free pop3 by using Yahoo Singapore
    On gmail, i can use pop3 freely.

    And, both of them can be opened easily and quickly by suing their wap version.

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    I use gMail. I like the way I can archive the emails that I don't want to see. Hahahaha.

    And you can filter the emails directly using any labels that you want to use. So, it can help me to be more organized.

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    In my opinion is Gmail. I can see my email by phone. Hotmail I use only for work, is very good too.

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    I prefer gmail.

    It is very fast/

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    i have using yahoo and gmail .. i think its better and easy to use..
    yahoo is more famous because of the famous messenger..

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    I'm using hotmail and gmail. Hotmail in my opinion is very small to an e-mail service. Gmail is my prefer, I like it.

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    I think gmail is better than others because it provides more space than others.It is simple , faster and easy to use.It is a great experience to have a gmail account...
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    No Doubts my all time Favourite would be yahoo itself coz its user friendly and got all those things to personalize the chat wen compared to any other messengers

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    Well I would prefer to use gmail since it is faster and allows both spam and virus filtering. Moreover I can easily access my gmail account on my mobile phone any time I want to.
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