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    Cool Why do all girls get jealous of another girl?

    I have seen this in over 100s of girls. Few days they walks together but after few days. They start jealous from another. Fact is what? anybody? It is happening in school only.

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    Yes, this is very good topic to concern of there. Every girls get jealous of another girl. This is very bad quality of the females.

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    Only girl knows about it.

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    No not at all girls are jealous...... everyone have her own thinking.

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    oh my good!

    jealous? why?

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    Default girls are always jealous of each other

    this is one age-old problems

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    When girl see any girl with fashionable wear, smart looking then their expression is very starry eyes.

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    hahahaha, it is because they don't want to see the girl who is more prettier them and get more attention of everyone except them but its not all girl's problem but most of girls have this problem.

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    That is their nature

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    Jealousy is an inbuilt feature in girls I must say. I know I am girl but it is what it is. Not all are same. Girls who jealous from another girl, they compare their lives with another and get jealous. So, the main problem is COMPARISION.

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