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    Default Some Nice Cafes in Hanoi to see Vietnamese Past! :)

    Hi, guys. I'm Brian Vu. I guess I'm the first to warm up the topic of Vietnam travel here so this topic maybe a good one to make you feel appetite.

    Do you believe that you can see the former ambiance of Vietnam at these cafes?

    1. Giảng Cafe
    2. Lâm Cafe
    3. Nhĩ Cafe
    4. Nhân Cafe
    5. Năng Cafe

    If you have any question about Vietnam Travel, don't hesitate to ask me, guys! Or comment here if you have any other suggestion for cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam..

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    I would say Cong ca phe, yea

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    I recommend some coffee shop in Hanoi:
    L’etage Cafe

    Cộng Cafe (live music)

    Avalon café and Lounge

    Street cafés


    La Place

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