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    Well, According to m,y opinion, Taj Mahal, Hindu temple and Agra Fort are best places to see in the India. All of them are examples of their own and have enough and deep history behind them. Mostly Taj Mahal, It is a true example of love and one of the seven wonders in the world.
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    Shimla, Ooty , Kashmir, Kulu, Manali, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka, these are best places to visit in India.

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    Mumbai's taj mahal and is the best place that exists in the country of India.

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    There are many attractive places in India who attract always tourism such as Kashmir,Manali, shimla,Agra,Vanaras,Rajasthan,Gujrat,Goa,Shillong etc.

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    Thanks for all of your ideas

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    Shimla, Manali, Ooty, Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Goa, Mumbai and Varanasi are the best travel places in India. If you want to take same day Agra tour, it is possible with Gatimaan Express and you can hire a cab or taxi too.

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    I like kerela very much. Such a beautiful place.

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    The best travel place in India is Agra The "Taj Mahal" of AGRA .It is a 7th wonder on Earth you must watch

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    India is complete traveling destination. There are huge number of tourist destination which are visited by millions of travelers from all over the world. Some of major destination to travel in India are:

    • Jammu & Kashmir
    • Kerala
    • Golden Triangle- Delhi-Jaipur- Agra
    • Goa
    • Manali
    • Hardwar
    • Shmila
    • Rajasthan
    • Varanasi

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    In india Taj mahal is most popular monuments and agra is most popular destination .

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