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    Default What is the difference between JS and JS framework?

    What is the difference between simple javascript and javascript frameworks like jQuery, mootools, angular. Which one you will prefer and why ?

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    I think framwork has limited scope then JS i am not sure but it is....

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    JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language. ... network programming with run-time environments such as Node.js.
    Framework describes a given structure of "how" you should present your code. Pretty much like a code-template, along some helpers, constructors etc. to solve/simplify a specific problem or bring your architecture in "order". Simply this imposes structure upon your code in order to address a particular problem.

    Examples, "requireJS", "AngularJS"

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    ^^^ this
    Pretty good explanation. thx

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    There is no real definition of the difference between those two, but in general I would say that a framework is a more general "multi-tool" thing than a library, which is usually very specialized.

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