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    CPC depend on niche and country you need to target those niches where there is more advertisers competition.

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    Try to get traffic from tier 1 countries, most of from US, UK, AU, CA. and make an articles around some high cpc keywords with low search volume, don't do keyword stuffing make it looks user friendly not search engine friendly. once you started getting traffic your earnings also will increase.

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    CPC cost in adsense basically depends on your traffic location and category also. You will attain comparatively better revenue if you generate traffic from US, UK and Canada.

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    In the initial stages CPC will be very low, when your audience and traffic grows your cpc grows automatically.

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    Depends on what you define as low.

    Another factor is how highly your traffic converts Google sends better quality traffic to sites with better conversion metrics, so it comes down to the quality of your site, its reputation and of course the topic of your niche, mortgages will pay far more than say ice cream

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    Target your traffic international.

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    Target your traffic internationally it will increase your CPC.

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