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  1. Default why my cpc is very low? in adsense?

    why my cpc is very low? in adsense? please tell me

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    Improve website traffic with English Countries such USA, UK etc, then you CPS automatically increase.

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    Target your audience according to the theme of your website, use optimized and interesting content, keywords of your website, ad should be appealing and attractive.

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    Target your traffic internationally.

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    My Cost per click or CPC is also very low even i got traffic by google means organic canada targeted traffic.

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    I am facing the same issues long time. I write high quality content with high CPC and law competition keyword but not getting good CPC.

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    Good CPC depends on international targeting, huge traffic, attractive content and less bounce rate.

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    It also depend on how attractive you make your website. People visit your site for reason right?

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    I dont think blog niche is totally responsible to increase adsense CPC advertise placements particular ad units with matching ad pallets will give you high CTR and eCPM.

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