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    Good question
    The thing is not what is more important for generating traffic to the sites, press release or social media. Social Media and Press Release both plays the great role to generate the traffic to the website. So, you can post on Press Releases site when you have something interesting and new and make people aware of that thing like you can post about latest technology but try to make a post in your website niche.
    On Social Media, you can post on daily basis about your services, products or something you have to share with your targetted audience.
    Quote Originally Posted by w3web View Post
    Which will be more gainful whether connecting to press releases or social media websites to your website? I know both are great traffic generators, but my doubt is investing more time on press releases or social media sites, which gives more benefits?

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    I think the social media sharing are most important and is the main source to drive traffic for any website.Because whenever we post any kind of video it gets viral like a burning rocket and we will get benefit from it.So I would suggest you to only go with social media sites marketing.

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