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    Lightbulb Press releases vs Social media sites

    Which will be more gainful whether connecting to press releases or social media websites to your website? I know both are great traffic generators, but my doubt is investing more time on press-releases or social media sites, which gives more benefits?

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    Today Most seo & marketing people prefer Social Media Sites to gain more exposure for their Website. Press release are just News Sites I doubt people visit any press release site. Most of the sites you find will have Face book, twitter button under their post.

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    Both have their own importance and way of driving traffic but for press release obtain pure traffic but on the other hand Social Media has optimum presence so it helps in outreaching maximum numbers of users. This helps in increasing visibility in the digital world, whereas Press releases gives authentic and positive feedback of the website's products/services. For me there is no comparison between the two.

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    Press release is a news or announcement made for your website services and submitted to various submission website. They help to generate traffic and also build backlinks. Social media websites also help to promote your website in various social networking websites and help build your search engine popularity.
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    Great insights . I also share your query as to why more PR departments are not enriching their releases. I agree with you that in many cases PR is disconnected from marketing, but in the main that is in the large company environment. My concern is in the middle market where typically marketing & PR are the same department, in many cases the same person. Clear opportunites to make releases more effective are missed by not adding even the simpliest of elements such as photos or links. I think as SMRs continue to grow in use and their effectiveness is documented, as in the work PR Newswire does, middle market practioners will use them. The overworked understaffed PR professional at all levels will recognize that this tool helps them work smarter and more effectively.

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    Search engine optimization and Social media marketing are the most effective technique for generating traffic to websites.

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    The press release is a staple in the tool bag of most marketers and public relations professions. In use since the early 1900’s the press release has undergone some style modification, but has essentially remained the same, that is until now. Marketers are increasing using the functionality of Web 2.0 and issuing SMRs or Social Media Releases, sometimes also referred to as Social Media News Releases.

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    Press release and the more traditional version? This is one of the most common questions we receive here at PR Newswire, and the answer is simpler than you may think.

    At the outset, the social media news release (SMNR) — originally conceived by Todd Defren of Shift Communications — looked pretty complex, incorporating a host of multimedia assets as well as links to related information, such as other press releases from the company and quotes from experts. The emphasis on the format intimidated many, and frankly, continues to do so today.

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    When you go for Press Release you need a perfect content for products or services to generate traffic but social media is completely different you can use images or content to generate traffic. whatever it may be if your content is attractive you will generate traffic tremendously.
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    Both are equally important. But nowadays Social media sites are mainly used are really helpful to your website.

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