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    website optimization mean website ranking in google with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

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    Very good information, thanks for sharing with us.

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    Website optimization is the process of systematically improving the performance of your website to meet your business objectives.

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    Website optimisation is onpage SEO and offpage SEO to make the site appear in Google search, Bing search, Yahoo...

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    Are you really don't understand what is SEO optimization?

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    I think website optimization is really a Onpage-SEO, that are some factors on our own website that we need to optimize in order to get friendly with Google algorithm such as:

    1. Page Titles
    2. Meta Descriptions
    3. Meta Tags
    4. URL Structure
    5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
    6. Keyword Density
    7. Image SEO
    8. Internal Linking

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    When you optimize your website content based on search engine guidelines like optimizing Title, Description, Meta Keywords, h1 tags and optimizing your website images, CSS everything will come under the website optimization.
    If you want to enhance your site performance in search engine, you must follow the search engine guidelines.

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    procedures, methods, and practices used to optimize a website so that it performs better in SERPs

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    The optimized website here that you ask in my opinion is optimized for such things as landing pages, and optimizing for SEO on the Onpage SEO site, I think you should learn about SEO to know how to optimize your website!

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