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    Web site optimization is process of doing link building so that your website perform better on the search engine.

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    It's just simple site optimization is making website (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, so that will help you to rank website higher on search engine.

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    Web optimization is actually Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a technique of optimizing your website according to search engine's standards to rank better on search engines.

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    I think increase the traffic and growing visibility of site and doing link building is web site optimization.

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    Web site optimization should not be confused with SEO. WSO is optimizing the site for the users. Making the menus large on mobile so it's easy to tap. Optimizing site load speed and selecting a readable font size. These are all things website optimization does.

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    Optimize images, css ,js, caching,...

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    Site design improvement (SEO), or site advancement, is the way toward rolling out improvements to your site with the goal that it will seem higher in internet searcher results pages (SERPS).

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    Website optimization means optimizing a website to appear in search engine results pages. It can be done by building back links from different domains having high authority.

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    It's just simple site optimization is making website as completely ideal, efficient, so that will help you to position web page higher on online search engine.

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