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    The main purpose of that shared hosting is the less expensive way for the business to create a web presence. It is used where there are other users sharing their resources and the services between each other.

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    Shared Hosting

    It as the name states is all about web hosting solution.

    It does not cost so much as it involves various customers on a single web server which leads to lower costs.

    It manages to complete a project online at low cost, but on the other end, it has got various disadvantages too. Like, As several customers are sharing one set of physical hardware, there are chances when users do not get the required amount of server performance. Shared hosting is not found to be suitable for Intensive Application.

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Purpose of shared hosting is that the less expensive way for businesses to create a Web presence. It is mainly suitable for low traffic websites, and it is hosted on single server.

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    That's very reassuring - thanks! I appreciate everyone's help!

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    Fundamental reason for existing is that mutual facilitating is a more affordable route for organizations to make a Web nearness

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    Purpose of Shared hosting:

    Shared hosting is used where there are other users sharing their resources and the services between each other.
    This is also known as virtual hosting as it provides the services to host the files on the web.
    This provides web hosting services that consist of the websites residing on the web server and connected using the Internet.
    The site is used to be separated from each other on the server and used to have their own partitions or sections for use.
    This hosting is most suitable for the startups as it have the cost of the server maintenance low.

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