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    Default Is there any character limit for Domain name choosing?

    Hello folks,

    i want to know is there any character limit while registering the domain?

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    I think there are 63 characters at max. But why a long domain anyway?

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    Yes. There is a limit which is 63 characters. But try not to buy or use a long domain name. It won't be good for your SEO or either user won't like the length domain name. Keep a short domain name.

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    I think no limit but search on Google carefully choose domain

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    63 characters are the limit for domain name. Purchase the domain name which is relevant to your business name and make it short for SEO advantages.

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    Make sure your domain name should not exceed 63 characters. Better you can choose the short domain name for SEO purpose.

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    I think it should not be too long. It should be short and catching. But the limit is 63 characters.
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