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    Default How to check penguin penalty

    Hello friends,

    What is the easiest way to check if a site (that I do not own)
    has been hit by google penguin penalty or not ???

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    Google Penguin is a codename for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using now declared black-hat SEO techniques involved in increasing artificially the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to the page. Such tactics are commonly described as link schemes.
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    You can see a big drop in the traffic amount as well as a email notification from google to your gooogle webmaster tool

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    You can check through Google Penalty Checker, Google Analytics, SEMRush. Once you see the losing of your website rank on search engine, it means Google has penalized your website. Basically it happens if you create poor quality back-links or perform black hat SEO techniques on your website.

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    Use the third party website like reconsideration (dot) org to check the penalty from Penguin Update and When your website traffic gone down then you can understand that something bad happened to your website.
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    By using google penalty checker, SEMRush ,google analytics tool you can identify easily.

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    You can use Ahrefs, Majestic, Google Webmaster Tool !

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    To check whether you are penalized by Google Penguin or not you go to the Anchor Test at Ahrefs
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    Penguintool is a useful tool for Websites to check for Google Panda and penguin penalty.

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