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    Default How to choose good niche for amazon?

    Anyone gives suggestion on method of how to choose good keywords for amazon? Fast, easy to rank. Profit can be $100 as average?
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    how to choose a good niche depends on your choice but for amazon choose any product which is atleast 100$ and above as amazon pays only 4% commission
    btw happy grandparents to all of you

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    A few tips:
    1) A niche with traffic (check on the google keywortd planner)
    2) A niche with at least $100 average sale
    3) Check amazon fees schedule - should be 5% +
    4) A niche with low-moderate competition

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    This is my list:
    Go subcategory of subcategory of main category at amazon.
    try home garden, sport , baby and outdoor products.
    select products above 50 doller.
    use Keyword Research along with key word reveler software
    select which niche has KD below 30 in long tail pro.
    see 1000 search volume on google.

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