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    Default Seagate or Western Digital?

    What's your favorite HDD manufacture? I'm currently using a mixture of WD and Seagate in my server, but I'm leaning more towards Seagate.

    How about you?

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    Hello AH-Keith,
    According to BackBlaze .Com the most reliable hdd are Hitachi then comes Western Digital and Seagate is the last option. On the other hand Hitachi disk are more expensive and Seagate hdd are the cheapest ones. Also based to our experience Western Digital hard disks tent to last longer.

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    i use seagate. its nice.

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    WD worked better for my pc then seagate.

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    Samsung hard drives are also pretty good.

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    I use WD Black for PC's and WD Gold for Servers

    I have also started using WD Blue SSD

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    SeaGate is one of the best brand , most of the users in the world has SEGATE HDD .. Even WD is good

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