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    Quote Originally Posted by kaitlam14 View Post
    PayPal is good but there are some rules very strictly With something problem. Let's support ! They will response and everything will be solved
    customer care support is very bad, i tried somany times to paypal but there is no mails and calls

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    The regular shopper thinks of PayPal as just a convenient and ubiquitous digital wallet, but business owners must consider its merits as a merchant services and payment solutions provider. paypal is good. they slove it

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    Really bro, then we have to beware about pay pal account.

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    Is they have withdrawing fee while they send money to or bank?

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    I heard about this already. But thanks again for let us know.

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    PayPal users, be aware of fake PayPal email messages claiming that you have sent money.

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    Ok, I think PayPal is a great service.. But if they don't like something you do then your account is frozen along with any money in your balance.

    Now to make things worse you will now be banned from using PayPal.

    This means that you can't even buy from another vendor that uses PayPal.

    You will end up having to get a new phone #, new cc, new address and open a new PayPal account and hope they don't catch on that they shut down your previous account.

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    yes you are right

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    its a spam

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    hello evreyone

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