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    Default What is unmanaged dedicated server?

    Hello Friends,
    Please tell me what is unmanaged dedicated server hosting?

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    Unmanged dedicated server means you will not get full support from technical support, you can manage your own will get full root access. and you can change operating system also..but you should have knowledge on providers giving service with managed and unmanaged..if you are beginner means you can select managed service..scopehosts,leasedlayer spicyhost and many more providers providing managed and unmanaged services..

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    Is it really hard to mage it by yourself? And what would be the best way to learn all the stuff to be able to manage by myself?


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    An unmanaged server is defined as one which the data center sets up the hardware, connect it to the internet, assigns the IPs and install the OS and maybe the control panel and the rest is up to you. Your tasks would be to configure the server, install programs, add your firewall and troubleshoot.

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    in short once the host gives you the logins you are on your own. Unless there is an issue with hardware. But its your responsibility to manage the server. Set your software up and keep it secure.
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    Unmanaged dedicated server were you have to deploy all software related issue with your own only server related issue can be solve by hosting provider

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    With unmanaged server you have to deal with some server issues on your own having root access to it. Providers’ support team won’t back you up in all cases. You should be tech-savvy to manage your server, so this solution is not suitable for beginners. Look for both managed and unmanaged servers on INXY. If anything, you can consult with the customer support service anytime.

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    Is there any ways to do

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    An Unmanaged dedicated server is fully controlled by you, that means, you have the ability to manage your own dedicated server without any technical support. An unmanaged dedicated server is cheaper than managed server because there is no routine support.

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    Great. Thanks for the info. Have a great day.

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