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  1. Default Expired domains vs deleted domains?


    I'm about to purchase PR4 or PR5 website. Im constantly looking through Lets say I have found a domain that have several LEGIT backlinks and its related to my niche. Which one should I pick: expired or deleted domain?


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    I think both are same.

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    I think you should buy expired domain name not deleted. But you should wait the period of expiration and only after a while you will have the possibility to register it.

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    I think expired will better for you because it good for SEO

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    n expired domain might mean that you are buying a domain that is currently expired but could still be registered by the existing registrant, in which case your funds would be returned. These are often sold through auction methods,
    A deleted domain is one that has not only expired, but is now available for anybody to simply re-register like it was a new domain. Instead of buying at auction, you simply pay the registration fee. However, most good domains never get deleted because someone buys them during the expiration phase. So finding good deleted domains is not always possible, at the very least it takes a lot of work.

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    I will select the expired domains to build them into a PBN system to improve my website rankings on Google's search engine.
    I vote for expried domains !

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    1. expiring domains on auction is like an old age domain, it get age score of course

    2. expired domains already lose its age, even though expire 1 day, so i think it lose its age power

    3. there are some guy build site base on expired/expiring domains, results vary. In general, its better than a fresh domains, because it already got backlinks/ages

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    What's the difference between expiring domains (from godaddy auction) and deleted domains from SEO perspective? Is it true that the deleted domains would be treated as new domains and will be in google sandbox for 1-2 month before ranking?

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    +1 for @Ziya.Pathan reply.
    Additionally, check out the answer here, very well explained.

    Generally, in the case of TLDs like .com, after the expiry of your 1 year ownership, you are given a 40–45 days’ grace period to renew the domain (usually at the regular rate) After this period, the domain goes into “awaiting deletion” period of about 30 days, wherein you can RECOVER your domain, but at a price that could be 10 times higher. If, after this you still don’t take the domain, it gets dropped. To be CAUGHT/SNAGGED by anyone who is fast on the draw, particularly if its a valuable domain name. In which case, you might be asked to pay in multiples of 10x, by the new owner, if you are still interested in getting the name.
    Original post:

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    Expired domains are which are pending for renewal or for sale. Deleted domains may be domains deleted by search engine

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