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    Default Hosting on Windows and Linux or Unix

    I have a problem that what is the difference between Windows hosting and Unix or Linux hosting?

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    You can search on Google search engine there you will get good detail about Windows hosting and Linux hosting

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    Based on your usage you can select the hosting plan. windows hosting is best suitable for applications, remote database and forex trading. Linux hosting is best for java applications, wordpress blogs and online stores. Check for more hosting services and their deals.
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    Linux is more preferred for its high security ad reliability. But you need to know about Unix commands to operate a Linux server. Windows are easy to use and manage as they are just desktop computers, but are less secure online.
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    Hi there,
    Linux / Unix is mostly preferred and secured operation systems. those having very less changes to affected as well Hacking issues. another point is the technical support is widely available for linux and its open sources so you can implement as well whatever you likes. or as per your requirements.

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    Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems. Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers. Since Linux-based hosting is more popular, it has more of the features web designers expect. So unless you have websites which need specific Windows applications,

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    Linux is more preferred for its high security ad stability. But you need to know about Unix instructions to have a A linux server. Windows are easy to use and manage as they are just personal computer systems, but are less secure online.

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    Just a difference between both OS, also the prices for Windows are higher due to license and you need more RAM for Windows VPS.

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    Linux and windows both are more different with one another but A linux systemunix is more secure and efficient in comparison to ms windows server and their security and all feature higher than a ms windows server.

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    If you've already decided you need a hosting account, you might get slipped up when you get asked, "Linux or Windows?"

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