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    Arrow is gogaddy only website provides the domain name ?

    I am buying a domain and checked on Godaddy, rates are high for desired domain name.

    I think Godaddy is not always good for buying the domain name, so can anyone tell the best website for purchasing the domain name ?

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    Besides Godaddy, there're many big guys in domain industry that you can rely on such as Namecheap, Domain .com, Name, 1and1,...So that you can choose any of them to buy, especially you should try to find their coupons before buying, this will save you a lot of money.

    Good luck to you,
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    ^^^ this there are several hundred is not thousand domain sellers out there.
    Compare prices and look out for renewal prices.

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    many service providers are avilable who provide the domain name,

    You can search on Google also.. Check the package along with service provides them and choose your fav!

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