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    Default Why People choose Wordpress CMS for Website Developing?

    Every seventh website in the world, Working on this great CMS. Developers from around the world have created more than 24.897 pieces of plug-ins and downloaded at the moment of their 453,551,157 times. And that's just from the official repository of plugins of last year! These figures imply only that the Internet can be found for virtually all of the designer - free themes, templates and plugins. If you Still unclear with this CMS or stuck in any wordpress related issue, you can be easily resolved by using the forums on the Internet. Otherwise digital agencies are also available for this purpose. All of the above can be attributed to the main CMS WordPress advantages. But this list can be supplemented with a huge library of high-quality paid templates that have more advanced functionality and flexible configuration. I think, its biggest advantage is that it is easy to use even for those who don't much have knowledge about digital world.

    What you think?

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    Most of the themes are mobile responsive and plugins really help to add extra functionality. And main reason is it is easy to use.

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    Because it is super optimized for Search engine, very light, clear and powerful!

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    Here are some important reasons for using WordPress for website designing:
    1. Easy to Learn, Use, and Update
    2. So Many Options
    3. Lots of Support & Security
    4. It’s Great for SEO

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    It is easy for you to understand or explain to all people since Wordpress is perfectly optimized for Google, with a huge bunch of responsible themes, templates, plugins without any need of changing much.
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    I think most people start developing with WordPress because it is incredibly easy to use and you can create a good looking website without any prior web design knowledge. You can work entirely from already designed templates and just customize it from there. Of course if you do know a little coding, you can make it even more functional from there. But ultimately, with all of the plugins and features that you can add with the click of a mouse, you really don't need to have coding knowledge to create a functional website with WordPress. So, why it's so widely used, I would say, is because of the fact that it's easy enough for anyone to use, and the design options and functions available are extensive.

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    Because it is easy to create and manage.

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    WordPress was introduced in 2003 when nobody had the fundamental thought regarding CMS or a blogging webpage. While it might have begun off as an toolfor blog owners, it rapidly developed to end up the first go-to stage for everybody from entrepreneurs to software engineers with practically no tech encounter. Just about 500 new sites are made each day utilizing WordPress.
    The life span of WordPress implies it will be around for a more expanded period. You don't get a similar certainty with a portion of the most recent CMS stages growing up; they battle to draw in a huge buyer base, and either many get procured by a contender or close down altogether. Therefore, it abandons you no place, or most likely in a terrible spot, in case you're utilizing it.

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    WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) tool written in PHP that is commonly used to create websites, blogs, portfolios, web directories and more.
    Once upon a time, Wordpress was an obscure little platform for building website blogs. But now Wordpress is the most popular CMS in the world.

    Why People choose Wordpress CMS for Website Developing?

    Readily available
    Larger developer pool
    Multiple user roles
    Ease of use
    Extendable with themes and plugins
    Flexible & Customizable
    Wordpress is Search-Engine friendly
    Wordpress is Mobile Optimized and so on.

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