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  1. Default How Do I Rank In Yahoo And Bing?

    How Do I Rank In Yahoo And Bing?

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    Bing and Yahoo are now search alliances. In other words, Yahoo search has a Bing-powered backend. So once you setup a Webmaster Tools account and create a sitemap for Bing, you're covered for Yahoo as well.

    Just like Google, Bing-Yahoo takes quality inbound links into account.

    Less than 1% of my search engine traffic comes from Bing-Yahoo. I mainly focus my efforts on Google these days.

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    Quality backlinks and content unique use bing or yahoo webmaster tools that is most important.
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    Since for most of the time people use Google so I'm not sure ranking in Yahoo/Bing can help.

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    For increasing rank, you need working SEO, SEM, SMM on your website. Use real content and discuss another related forum. Obviously, you can choose more priority in Social media site for increasing rank.
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    For SEO purpose, Google is the best search engine. However Yahoo and Bing also prefers quality content like Google does.

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    The same process which you we use to rank for google.

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    Links from forums still work for Bing... Google is pretty dismissive about these..
    More marketing thoughts of mine at Pro PR

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    To rank in yahoo and Bing, you need to work on SEO, SMO and SEM for better ranking and visibility of website.

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    My ranking is perfect in google but all keywords are NA in bing and yahoo........ please suggest any solutions for this problem.

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