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  1. Default Best SEO Strategies for improve your website ranking?

    Best SEO Strategies for improve your website ranking?

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    A complete seo strategy
    1. Analysis
    - Research your product and competitors.
    - Analysis rival company (the level of competition, business methods, products, ...)
    - Learn about your client's company as well as rival company.
    - Comparing the differences, strengths / weaknesses, favorable or unfavorable.
    - Analysis concluded.

    2. Construction PLAN.

    3. Develop specific orientation for each stage.

    4. Implement the plan and measure effectiveness.

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    Look at what your competitors are doing and do better than them. If the have more content, then add more content to your site.

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    The 10 best off page seo techniques to improve your website ranking.
    1. Article submission
    2. Blog commenting
    3. Blog posting
    4. Social bookmarking
    5. Business listing
    6. Slide sharing
    7. Forum Postings
    8. Image sharing
    9. PDF/PPT sharing
    10. Micro blogging

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    Build more quality backlinks for that the specific keywords from the sites which are highly related to your niche and has the Good authority sites. Competitor analysis is also helping you to get a clear vision, so check about your competitors.

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    Both On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies are help for website ranking if they are White Hat SEO techniques.

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    Perfect ON Page techniques would lead to improve your website ranking on Google. So just make the SEO ON Page checklist to your website and list out which ON page techniques are need to optimize to your website. Go to this free tool seositecheckup(dot)com to know your ON Page SEO score of your website.

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    - Research and choose trend topics and hot topics to write content.
    - Research keywords for SEO by using google keyword planner and Longtail pro software
    - Email marketing
    - Promote content on social networks
    - new strategy to build backlink at www dot linkresearchtools dot com/case-studies/link-building-techniques/

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikkispanish7 View Post
    Best SEO Strategies for improve your website ranking?
    Backlinks, yes it helps to increase your website ranking, but you can't totally depend on them. You need to focus on other factors too, along with getting quality backlinks. Unless and until you have done proper On Page optimization, your backlinks are not going to help you to get top ranking.

    I would like to mention some of the factors like:-

    • Meta Title & Description,
    • Header Tags,
    • Alt tag,
    • Inter linking,
    • Content Marketing,
    • User Friendly Website,
    • Structured Markup, etc.

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    There is no new SEO technique available in market. All are same social bookmarking, forum submission, blog commenting and blog posting but always use unique and fresh content for every submission and post them on high DA sites.

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