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    In my opinion the disadvantage of WordPress is its updates. You have to keep your WordPress, themes and plugins updated all the time to avoid any security related issues.

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    in word press one of the dis advantages is unsecured CMS platform..
    • Includes complex technical code. ...
    • Scalability issues with data model. ...

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    1. Unsecure CMS platform
    2. Incomplete and inconsistent documentation
    3. Confusion between “Discussion” and “Comments” options
    4. Includes complex technical code
    5. No Support
    6. Unawareness about the term “slug”
    7. Scalability issues with data model
    8. Complicated multisite configuration process
    9. MYSQL as a database
    10. PHP Problems

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    • Unsecure CMS platform. ...
    • Incomplete and inconsistent documentation. ...
    • Includes complex technical code. ...
    • No Support. ...

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    Disadvantage :

    WordPress updates their software frequently.
    2. Content doesn’t always look right.
    Nobody Likes PHP

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    What makes WordPress frustrating to use sometimes is when you thought everything is all good, so you publish your posts, do everything necessary for SEO purposes, only to find out that it does not look the way you wanted it to be! This is especially true if you have activated plugins such as contact form, donate/buy me forms, and even social media icons. So be careful when you activate plugins. Some of them are just too scary to use for WordPress.

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    Disadvantages of Wordpress are given below:
    1. Security Issues
    2. Updates may ruin your site
    3. Design knowledge Required
    4. WP Scripting

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    I am also very curious about this issue

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    Itis not configured in optimal way. Permalinks are numeric, forexample, until you activate SEO friendliness. The concept "ScreenOptions" is not something most people have ever even heard of.That's where a lot of really useful stuff is configured

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