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  1. Default How can you measure success in social media?

    How can you measure success in social media?

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    Followers – the people who will be regularly exposed to your posts and content

    Reach – the number of individuals who have seen your content
    Impressions – the potential number of times your content was seen (not the number of times it was actually seen). This could include the same person seeing it twice if it reappears in their timeline/feed
    Sentiment – when tracking online conversations, social intelligence tools use natural language processing to segment negative and positive statements
    Share of Voice – by tracking the social conversation around your brand and your competitors, you can calculate the percentage of audience conversation focused on your brand

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    Reachability and Followers, if your audience is targeted right and it is keeping an interest in your stuff that's when you know you did a good job.

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    The number of the increasing followers is the first indicator. Then come the sharings: how much shares a post of you have reached.

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    Do you want to measure the impact of your social media marketing efforts? Discover the top 10 metrics you should be monitoring on Facebook and Twitter.

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    • Volume. The first – and easiest – social media metric to measure is volume. ...
    • Reach. Reach measures the spread of a social media conversation. ...
    • Engagement. ...
    • Influence. ...
    • Share of Voice.

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    • If you want to measure awareness, then use metrics like volume, reach, exposure, and amplification. ...
    • If you want to measure engagement, then look for metrics around retweets, comments, replies, and participants.

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