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    Style sheets solve these problems at the same time they supersede the limited range of presentation mechanisms in HTML.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itabhyas View Post
    What are style sheets?
    it define your style and layout website. example: background color, font style, border, padding, etc..
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    A web style sheet is a form of separation of presentation and content for web design in which the markup (i.e., HTML or XHTML) of a webpage contains the page's semantic content and structure, but does not define its visual layout (style). Instead, the style is defined in an external style sheet file using a style sheet

    Hope this help~!

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    Style sheets define the style of our web pages. That means how a web page looks. We add some extra features in content so that it will look good on web browser. Style sheets used for making attractive websites.

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    Style Sheets are of style rules who intimate a browser how the variety of styles are applied to the HTML tags to present the document. Style Sheets allow you to by selection override previous outlined vogues. For instance, a website uses a standard style sheet but some web pages have an extra Style sheet which can nullify styles which are defined in style sheet.
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    Thanks For Your Information.

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    • type of template file consisting of font and layout settings to give a standardized look to documents.

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    style sheets are those sheets which defines the style of a particular elements like wise we should represent each and every element style. One style sheet can be used for many layouts. We can place any thing like font styles, images and many more.

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    A Style Sheet is a collection of style rules that that tells a browser how the various styles are to be applied to the HTML tags to present the document.

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