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  1. Default What are the duties of webmaster?

    What are the duties of webmaster?

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    That depends on what you agree upon. I put my conditions in my quotes, I collect a handler fee of some 5 bucks a month to implement changes or restore pages (CMS mostly).

    If bare boned a webmaster's duties is to build a website and that's it, upload and server service can be charged separately.

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    Webmaster is mirror of your website. it will show you how's your website is performing on SEPR or how's the use are coming on it.

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    Maintaing and updating a website for a client or his personal site.

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    webmaster is use for track and maintain on Page website activity and website performance.

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    Google webmaster is used to track the activity of your website as well as performance which can help to better to know from where the traffic is coming or what should be done to get more traffic by knowing the details and interaction done with the website.

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    Webmasters tools are the primary mechanism for search engine to communicate with webmasters. Webmaster tool helps you to identify issue with your site and can even let you know if it has been infected with somethings. You can correct your site according to crawler with the help of webmasters.

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