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    Now a days Multimedia LEDs are best for multipurpose use.
    LED contains speaker, usb ports, or it can use as a TV as well.
    monitors age are gone

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    yes better you go for smart led with multiple features ..You can use that one for both tv and pc...

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    In this mordern time the LED is the best schreen for dispay the digital output.

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    AOC G2460PQU As with the models it is competing against, key specifications include a ‘Full HD’ TN panel with 144Hz refresh rate and ‘up to 1ms’ grey to grey response time specified. It’s nice to see AOC use the word ‘up to’ to highlight that different transitions actually occur at different speeds and not all will be as fast as the 1ms specified. At time of writing the monitor is not available in the US (unless imported), so a typical US retail price is not included. The key ‘talking points’ of the specification have been highlighted in blue for your reading convenience.

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    LED screens are the best display.

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    I must say I really like Dell monitors. They just look awesome.

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    I'm using samsung curved LED monitor. It looks good and the price is reasonable

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    LED monitor is best, but watching monitor closely may harmful for your eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norled View Post
    I'm using samsung curved LED monitor. It looks good and the price is reasonable
    Same, bougth the 32" once, its awesome. need to get 2 more

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