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    Quote Originally Posted by kumarvinod View Post
    Nofollow links are not passed by search engines bot and therefore cannot be cached or indexed.
    No follow links are cache and crawl by SE but it does not passes link juice that we want.

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    no follow link gives some time good backlinks.

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    It will not pass Link Juice to your site. so it will not increase your site ranking. Only benefit is Keyword Count.

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    No follow links used to maintain the outbound links which is pointing your domain. You need to maintain dofollow and nofollow ratio

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    Yes, No follow links give the benefits but not directly. No-follow links can easily increase your Domain Authority & page authority so you should make no-follow links.

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    No-follows backlinks are useful if it is through high PR and DA sites as it helps website to rank better through it dont give link juice but google can read the content so it will help in one or another way.

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    Generally no follow link doesnot pass on the SEO benefits of the source site to the blog where the link points to but they are still very much valuable.Having good number of nofollow backlinks from good sites can easily help you increase your DA, PA and other metrics.

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    No follow links will not allow crawlers to crawl the web pages so it will not affect ranking. But it can increase traffic to your site.

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    They don't give a link juice, but still valuable way of giving you traffic and good background for successful link building strategy
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