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    I tried on Godaddy. Its a good place to buy domain

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    thanks guys for such relevant details about VPS.

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    The remote desktop access to Windows VPS is made through an Internet connection, allowing users to interact with the remote computer as if it were local. The remote desktop is commonly accessed on default RDP port 3389. For the security reasons, you should always change the default RDP port to an unknown port number.
    In a remote desktop setup, the local computer receives a copy of the remote server’s image. This image is updated on the local computer on a timed interval or when a change is detected by the remote desktop software.

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    Remote Desktop is a service in windows so all what you need is a Windows VPS

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    What do you plan on using it for??? always give detail with your questions

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    Can anybody suggest me provider for Windows Desktop (RDP) can offer good connection or ping time from Malaysia?
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    +This page gives you a lot of information. Thank you!

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