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    Check the duplicate content with Copyscape before posting to your website

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    Try to remove the duplicate content as soon as possible there are many online tool to check the duplicate content

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    CopyScape is too expensive for newbie, try smallseotool

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    before posting your content check it on Copyescape tool

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    A duplicate content on website is very dangerous site ranking may be effective due to duplicate content. there are many tools available to check duplicate content

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    Try to give unique content for the website but sometimes not give the unique content for every time like big sites like E-commerce sites you can check this duplicate content status via google webmaster tool.

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    Duplicate content is very bad for SEO. It can effect keyword ranking. search engine love fresh user friendly content

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    This is the basic things of copywriting, sometimes they use copyscale ( need to pay ) or smallseotools ( free ) to check their content before send back to the requester.

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    Paligrasim checker or copyscam tools helps in finding the amount of duplicate content on site. it should remove immediately other wise chance of ranking drop due to duplicate content

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