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    We need to create blog for Sharing content and Information about our business nowadays Content is King of SEO.

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    Blog is the generating traffic on website on major searchable keywords and get enquirers by the help of Blog
    ACER | Dell | Apple | Linksys | Asus | CISCO Customer Service

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    Blogging is the best for creating awareness about your business or product or a company. But it should be well detailed.

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    Default You should start blogging immediately.

    Blogging can be incredibly valuable to a variety of people and for a variety of reasons1. Attract an Audience2. Establish Authority3. Build Rapport and Engagement4. Create Opportunities5. Organize Your Thoughts and Learn6. Tell Your Story7. Meet New People8. Make Money

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    By Creating a Blog you can create your Online Presence, You can create your own portfolio to showcase it to others.

    You can also make a lot of money through Blogging, Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. Through a BLog you can pass on your message to thousands of readers out there

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    Blogging is becoming more and more popular every day. There are various reasons why people want to start a blog are given below.
    1. Express your thoughts and opinions
    2. Market or promote something
    3. Establish yourself as an experts
    4. Make Money
    5. Stay connected with friends and family
    6. Easy content publishing.

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    Creating a blog can have multiple reasons. Some people simply create blog because they love writing about the stuff the feel good about or something they want to bring people's attention to. Some write blogs to earn money by reviewing products and services and by covering another business this is also knows as affiliate marketing.

    Other bloggers write about tutorials and guides to increase awareness and to promote their particular brand.

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    Nowadays content is king. To grow more traffic you need to Update or add Blogs. Which will increase your backlinks.

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