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Thread: What is CRO?

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    A contract research organization (CRO) is an organization that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis.

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    When you increase the size of the call-to-action landing page button to generate more conversions or set up specific conversion goals in your Google Analytics control panel - you're practicing conversion rates optimization to Improve marketing channels.

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    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a technique of using web analytics tool to increase your website performance. It often uses any type of metric websites that are important to your business, often termed as key performance indicators (KPIs)

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    An Oscilloscope is an electronic device generally used to obtain the wave-form of different signals applied to it. Unlike a MultiMeter which is also used for the measurement of the values of different signals or resistances or any other electrical parameter, which depicts the instantaneous values of an electrical parameter, an Oscilloscope on the other hand expands the time window for the observer to have a better picture regarding the properties of the signal applied to it.
    Application of CRO:

    • Voltage measurement
    • Current measurement
    • Examination of waveform
    • Measurement of phase and frequency

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    The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an in-depth tutorial designed to help you convert more passive website visitors into active users that engage with your content or purchase your products.

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    CRO is a process by which you create an experience for your site’s visitors. The experience is so compelling that you transform them from “visitor” status into “customer” status.

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    CRO from the SEO point of view is conversion rate optimization.

    Without a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, the countless hours of SEO work are not being taken advantage of.

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