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    Default How to delete google places and start fersh?

    My competitor are sending some nasty fake review to my google places listing. I want to restart the page because they sent a lot in just a few days.

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    Choose "remove this listing from Google Maps". Save changes. Select listingagain, click delete. Choose "remove this listing from my Google Placesaccount".

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    Solution 1
    The only person who can edit or remove the review from your business place is the who write it. You can apologize for your mistake and contact them for removing their review or change it to positive one.

    Solution 2
    Google will only show 5 to 6 review on your business page if your able to get 6 to 7 good review then the bad review will move to 2 or 3 page of review section. But if you get too many positive reviews quickly then google will push your business listing down In their ranking or trigger as spam.

    Solution 3
    if u think that that review are fake or inappropriate then you can click "Flag as inappropriate".

    Solution 4
    After every review google asks "is this review helpful (yes/no)". Google won’t remove the review if enough people say, “No,” but if all people indicate the review was not helpful, your readers will discount the review and basically ignore it.
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