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  1. Default Which is best Antivirus?

    I think Kaspersky.

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    Quick Heal is the best..

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    Less web browsing and you will be safe

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    Norton Security Deluxe 2018

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    I used kaspersky it was good & now trying with avast the ultimate.
    I did not come up which one is the best one yet but so far I am happy with Kaspersky.

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    I like avast and Node 32 these both are best easy to use.

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    Kasper sky is the best anti-virus.

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    Theirs in many reviews on youtube regarding the best antivirus, mainly people pick bitdefender if you are wanting to pay for it or AVG if your wanting to use something for free. If you already have a virus and or want a deep scan of your computer try using hitman pro it is very good at removing dangerous malware.

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