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    On-page SEO is a must. It’s everything you can do on your website to tell people and search engines that your content is the one to read. It means being on the highest positions of SERP.
    Title tag Optimization
    Meta description
    HTML Tags
    Link optimization
    Image optimization
    Keywords optimization

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    Seo Onpage Techniques are:
    1.Meta Title
    2.Meta Description
    4.Url Structure
    7.Internal Link
    8.External Links
    9.Site performance
    10.301/401 error

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    On-Page Optimization factors are
    1. Quality content
    2. Long tail Keyword
    3. Keyword added in Meta Title, Meta Description & Content
    4. 404 Error
    5. 301 Redirection
    6. Sitemaps
    7. Robots.txt
    8. Image optimization

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    Onpage SEO:
    1.Meta title,Meta Description
    2.Url structure
    4.external link
    5.internal link
    6.301/401 error performance and so on...

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    On page factors
    1 Title tag
    2 URL structure
    3 canonical url
    4 Heading
    5 content
    6 Internal link

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    1.Page Titles
    2.Meta Descriptions
    3.Meta Tags
    4.URL Structure
    5.Body Tags like H1, H2, H3, H4.
    6.Keyword Density
    7.Image SEO
    google analytics

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    Quote Originally Posted by albet View Post
    How to do SEO-On Page Optimization..? Please give me explanation...!
    In on page optimization you have to do all work on site which will includes some factors such as meta tiltle,meta description,alt tag,internal linking,robot.txt,sitemap,webmaster etc)

    you can do on page optmization with the halp of above factors..try it once...

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    On-Page SEO includes:
    Keyword analysis
    Meta tags i.e. title and description
    content optimisation
    Internal linking

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    On-page SEO is also called Onsite SEO. It includes providing useful content, good keyword selection, and many more similar things. It helps to rank high in SERP by putting keywords on correct places, giving an appropriate title to every page, catchy Meta title, and Meta descriptions. On-page defines the content and HTML source code both. Following are some important On-Page SEO elements-

    Keyword Research and optimization- Keyword research is the initial stage and most essential for a successful search engine marketing campaign. Keyword research is the process of identifying the broadest possible set of keywords and phrases that can be used by potential customers on search engines.

    Meta Description - Meta description will show in the search result page. Optimizing it is an essential aspect of On-page SEO
    The description should be 165 characters

    Meta Keywords Tag - Optimizing Meta keywords is very important as it reflects the content of your pages accurately
    Google does not use Meta keywords tag anymore

    Image optimization – Most of the major search engines are text-based, they cannot read images and videos. The location of your images appears as an empty space to the search engines. These empty spaces are not beneficial for overall SEO. Giving a alternative text is a optimizing that image.

    H1 Tags - Heading Tags have various attributes which make user-friendly websites. For indexing the structure and content of web documents including blog posts, Search engine use these headings individually

    URL optimization – It is the way to appealing your website more to the search engine. Use your targeted keyword to your webpage is very important.

    Content - In SEO, it's very important to write good quality content which is fresh and relevant to your website. And keyword density of content is also important which helps to rank high in search engine.

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    On page SEO Optimization are:
    Meta tags
    Body tags (H1,H2,H3 etc)
    All these are On-Page SEO Optimization

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