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    On-Page SEO techniques are

    Keyword research and analysis
    Content writing
    Meta tag, alt, h1 and title tag in HTML codes
    Internal linking
    Google Analytics
    Google Webmaster tool
    Page load speed
    Easy navigation system
    Responsive site

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    Go to moz and neilpatel tutorial of seo and learn on page optimization then start doing with these factors
    Onpage technques:

    1. Robots.txt
    2. htaccess
    3. Meta Tags
    4. Sitemaps
    5. URL Parameters
    6. PageRank
    7. Connectivity or DNS issues

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    Onpage optimization:
    1. Site Analysis
    2. Keyword Research
    3. Keyword Density
    4. Title tags
    5. Meta Tags
    6. Meta Description
    7. H1 Tags
    8. ALT Tags
    9. URL Structure
    10. Internal Linking
    11. Original, Effective & Keyword Reach Content
    12. Sitemaps
    13. Robot.Txt
    14. Blog installation & posting
    15. W3C Validation
    16. Track of target keywords

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    Perform your On-page optimization based on the rules and guidelines of Search Engines and try to make it strong by avoiding all those Black Hat Techniques. Read all major search engine blogs for more idea about Search Engine Optimization.

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    Use SEO-Friendly URLs.
    Avoid ugly URLs: ...
    Start Title With Keyword.
    Add Modifiers To Your Title.
    Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag.
    Dazzle with Multimedia.
    Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags.
    Drop Keyword in First 100 Words.

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    Well, On-page SEO is all about making maximum optimization of content. For SEO purpose Content is the King!
    All you will have to do is-
    c)URL of the required page
    d)Main content with required keyword stuffing
    e) Meta title
    f)Meta tags
    g)Meta description
    h)Body tags- H1, H2
    i)Responsive website
    j)Image optimisation

    Therefore, On-page seo is all about making maximum use of content on website.

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    Main elements of On Page Optimization includes 2 things.
    1- Keyword Analysis which includes finding keywords for your website or products through keyword planner.
    2- Content writing which includes writing essays, articles, title page, meta description

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    Page Titles
    Meta Descriptions
    Meta Tags
    URL Structure
    Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
    Keyword Density

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    SEO On page Optimization is best way Increase Optimize website.

    Meta title
    Meta description
    Meta keywords
    Url Structure

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    Default on page seo

    • Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Meta Tags
    • Image SEO
    • Page Titles
    • Keyword Density
    • URL Structure

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