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    Default Which Format is better PHP or Wordpress?

    Which Format is better PHP or Wordpress ?
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    both are good buy wordpress is easy and quick to develop your website .. So i will suggest you wordpress

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    Actually WordPress is made using php. and if you want to develop a system which meets your need with all of your requirements then use php. But Now a days wordpress is providing all the features if you want a school management system you can install a theme set it and use plugins to meet your needs. every plugin has its documentation that how to use it.

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    WordPress is an easy platform and one does not require advance programming skills to operate it. It is advisable to have basic understanding of PHP as the framework heavily relies on this language.

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    I prefer wordpress Because it is easy and quick to develop website

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    Both are good but for PHP you need some coding knowledge for word press no need the person with out coding knowledge also can edit the things very easily.

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    Both way you can develop the website but it is simple for you to develop with Wordpress so my recommendation is Wordpress as you get the predefined template.

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    WordPress is a ready-made platform and does not require advanced coding skills to build a website.

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