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  1. Default what is the difference between html and html5?

    what is the difference between html and html5?

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    • Audio and video were not part of previous HTML version specifications, however, both are the integral part of HTML5 specifications.
    • Vector graphics is also an integral part of HTML5 such as SVG and canvas while vector graphics is possible in HTML with the help of various technologies such as VML, Silver-light, Flash, etc.
    • In HTML, browser cache can be used as temporary storage. In case of HTML5, application cache, web SQL database, and web storage is used.
    • HTML doesn’t allows JavaScript to run in web browser, it runs in same thread as browser interface. HTML5 allows JavaScript to run in background that is possible because of JS Web worker API in HTML5.
    • HTML works smoothly with all old browsers while most of the modern web browsers have started supporting HTML5 specifications. These browsers include: Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

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    HTML is a markup language that is used to build static (non interactive and nonanimated) webpages.

    • In HTML, audio and video requires external software support.
    • In HTML, finding correct GeoLocation is impossible.

    HTML5 is the latest revision of HTML containing much better support for media like video and audio tags. It also defines detailed parsing rules (including "error handling") for this syntax which are largely compatible with popular implementations.

    • In HTML5, audio and video has internal specifications and has separate tags ie <audio> and <video>.
    • In HTML5, JS GeoLocation API helps in identifying location.

    HTML5 has got some advance features such as to develop the ability of the browser to be an application platform, via HTML, CSS, and Javascript whereas HTML is old version so it don't have ability to develop the Website via CSS and Javascript. HTML5 is the latest revision of HTML.

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    HTML or Hyper-Text Markup Language can be referred to as the Worldwide Web’s primary language. Most of the web pages hosted on the internet are written in some variation of HTML. Via HTML, developers ensure exactly how multimedia, text, and hyperlink among other things get displayed in web browsers. From the elements that establish connections with your document (hypertext) to the ones that make these documents interactive (e.g. forms); all are constituents of HTML.
    The HTML standard was developed by W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium in 1997. In HTML, tags are used to define text structures; tags, and elements are defined using the < and > characters. Some of the examples for the previously mentioned tags are headings, tables, and paragraphs, etc. Browsers are responsible for rendering of the web page content via these tags.

    The one consistent thing about the field of information technology is that periodic updates/changes are inevitable. No language is capable of avoiding upgrades and/or new releases. HTML is no exception. HTML5 was released with the primary objective of improving the World Wide Web experience for the developers and the end users. As already mentioned, the biggest advantage that HTML5 has over its unnumbered predecessor is that it has high-level audio and video support which was not a part of the version specifications in previous HTMLs

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    HTML has seen many updates over time, and currently, the newest HTML version is HTML5. HTML5 is of course still primarily a markup language, but it has added a plethora of features to the original HTML and has eradicated some of the strictness that was present in XHTML. Every day, new features get added to HTML5.

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    HTML is a markup language that is used to build static webpages. XHTML is an xml markup language that mirrors HTML syntaxes.
    HTML5 is the latest revision of HTML containing much better support for media like video and audio tags.

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    HTML is hyper text markup language. HTML5 is latest version of HTML which is mostly used now and simple HTML is the older version of HTML5.

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    HTML is the primary markup language. It is easier & moves powerfully. It has not had any audios & videos and It works will all old browsers.
    HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. It has lots of new tags. Audios & videos are integral to HTML5 and It is supported by all new browsers.

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    Useful Information.I agree with you.Thanks for sharing such kind of information.Today i get to know what is exactly the difference of html and html5

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    HTML stands for Hypertext markup language,HTML language is the primary markup language for web pages.HTML5 is the version of HTML.

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