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    It plays a vital role in SEO. It is a resource that shows latest content from a source as it gets automatically updated. It is a way for blog content to get syndicated.

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    Google can easily read the RSS and knows “what do you want to convey from your content” , so that it can easily index your website content on its search engine.

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    RSS feed helps to provide real time updates for your blog. Subscribing to RSS feed for your website will help to notify subscribers about the latest updates that take place on your website.
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    RSS feed is something like of a table of contents or an organized links of all your topics or post in your blog or websites. Some of the blogs already have an RSS plugins that you can easily install it.

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    Mostly people prefer this technique for optimizing the news section or blogs. This is the way just like we doing subscribe other site for latest information.

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    An RSS feed is a resource that shows the latest content from a source and the main thing about RSS is that it automatically updated. By submitting an RSS feed to different directories, you provide another way for your blog content to get syndicated and to distribute your backlinks.

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    RSS - Rich Site Summary
    RSS Feed is a format for delivering frequently updating web content, which allow subscribers to see content within a very short time after it's updated. Various news-related websites, blogs and online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to subscribers.

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    Having an RSS feed on the page means you are getting information from somewhere. That information will usually be a blog, news, search results or product review or something that is updated regularly.

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