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    Quality content is the most important part of seo

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    Keyword research and optimization and link building will get people to land on your site. ... SEO begins and ends with your website, and your website is comprised of your content and your user experience, making these the most important aspects of SEO

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    With Off page SEO, we have many ways to do, and here i know some ways as listed below
    1. Forum Posting.
    2. Directory Submission.
    3. Article submission (Articles needs to provide)
    4. Web 2.0 (Articles needs to provide)
    5. Social Bookmarking
    6. Search engine submit lac
    7. Blog Comment
    8. Ping
    9. Wiki links
    10. Guest Posting
    11. Classified Posting etc

    On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
    1. Page Titles
    2. Meta Descriptions
    3. Meta Tags
    4. URL Structure
    5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
    6. Keyword Density
    7. Image SEO
    8. Internal Linking

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    Content is still the king in SEO.

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    on page its necessary

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    Important part in SEO is Offpage SEO which helps to bring traffic to your website. OFF page SEO builds backlinks that helps to improve the page rank. With Off page activities , On-page activities are also important because all visitors land their.
    You need maintain proper header tags and keywords so that your page would rank. Internal link building is also important as it improves customer experience.

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    Backlinks from big statemens or rewies

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    Its so sad that by seeking for optimization, most companies went to the wrong direction by creating unqualitative content, just for google not for people. These articles are just a bunch of keywords that have no meaning for human, but might be meaning for Google robots
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