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  1. Default How can i reduce my website loading speed?

    How can i reduce my website loading speed?

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    1) Optimize Images
    2) Browser Caching
    3) Compression
    4) Optimize Your CSS
    5) Keep Your Scripts Below the Fold

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    Theres a lot you can do, and a simple google search will give you a lot of guidance.. But i would say the most important things are 1. HOSTING! Get yourself onto a hosting provider who uses SSD servers! I had a slow loading site and switched to siteground, immedately my site was loading twice as fast. Siteground is good and so is A2 hosting...

    2. Optimise Images... If your using wordpress theres a few good plugins for this.

    Those are the two most important things, but theres a ton you can do!

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    Use google page insight tool to check your site and they will lead you the way
    Like the guy above said, if you using wordpress then try wp rocket plugin, it will Increase your website speed by 80%

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    Optimizing the images used in site is the best way to reduce the website loading speed. There are tools like gtmetrix help you know the aspects causing each page of your website to load slowly.

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    Optimizing image storage is a fundamental way of improving page load time

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    1 – Reduced Image Size
    2 – Eliminate unnecessary plugins
    3 – Make sure your site’s scripts1 are up-to-date
    4 – Make use of CDNs
    5 – Enable browser caching
    6 – Turn on Gzip compression
    7 – Keep CSS files at the top of your page and Javascript code at the bottom

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    Minimize HTTP Requests
    Reduce server response time
    Enable compression
    Enable browser caching
    Minify Resources
    Optimize images
    Optimize CSS Delivery
    Prioritize above-the-fold content
    Reduce redirects

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    1, Use a good theme.
    2, Clean up your database
    3, Compress your website with zip
    4, Fix all broken links
    5, Reducing your redirects
    6, Minify your CSS and JS files
    7, Specify image dimensions
    8, Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom

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    Images are one of the most common bandwidth hogs on the web. The first way to optimize your images is to scale them appropriately.
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