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    I have used Small Seo Tools before. In my opinion, it is the best and fastest rank checking tool and it's free.

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    Ahref & SEMRUSH is best ranking & backlink checker tool.

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    Thank you for a useful post.

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    I prefer use majestic for rankings.

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    There are number of tools are available for Rank Check which is listed below
    1) Rankwatch
    2) Smallseotool
    3) Serps

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    I generally Prefer using the following tools for checking the Keyword Ranking

    1. SEMRUSH - Go to the Keyword Tracking option and add your keywords which you want to track. If any of your keywords ranks in the first 100 positions then it is shown accordingly

    2. Ahrefs: Ahrefs Tool also shows the keywords which are ranking in the first 100 position. Even in Ahref you can add keywords which you want to keep a track of. Besides these keywords, Ahrefs tool also shows the organic keywords for which your website or blog is ranking

    besides these Tools I prefer doing Manual Search by typing in the Keyword in the Search Engine Box. Preferably Google, because that is a more accurate estimate of your rankings

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    AS such there are many ranking tools But i prefer checking the ranking of keywords (limited to 10) manually. I agree it takes 10-15 minutes but it is worth the effort as you get the closest estimate.

    1. SEMRUSH

    2. Ahrefs

    3. SERPS

    4. SMall SEO Tools

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