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    Paste in anything from CSV to Text to HTML to extract valid domain names. EstiBot is the most trusted name in domain valuation, appraising over 1.8 million domain names per day!
    There are a number of free domain valuation tools out there, but I would use them with caution. Ultimately a domain name is worth only what the seller is willing to pay and the buyer is willing to take - in other words, there's no guarantee that those prices from automated appraisals will help you with anything.

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    Determine the value of your domain name. Before you decide to sell a domain you must first determine how much that domain is worth. Each domain that you have is unique and different from any other domain on the internet.

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    Each domain name has their own value according to their brand and quality, Whenever you were purchasing a domain it might be possible that you seen some recommendation of premium domain, The purchasing of domain name with high value, You have to pay more.

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    A domain appraisal service will allow you to enter your domain name and see what they suggest your asking price should be.

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    Godaddy has just issued the new domain appraisal online tool for end users. With this tool, you can know how much is your domain worth easily. Many domainers always want to know about the value of their domain names they have. It’s helpful when they want to estimate and appraisal domains before buying or selling them.

    You guys can read the full detail here

    Hope this helps!
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