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    Default Keyword based or brand based domain?

    What should i take Keyword based or brand based domain?

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    brand based domain!!!!!!!

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    Keyword based SEO faster. If you have a company you should choose brand based.

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    tnx again for this

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    If you get proper services based business name so this is amazing opportunity for you, your business services related domain name bring more chances in searching.

    domain name is the first priority in business industry to get maximum revenue and new customers.

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    Keyword Based Domains – these domains, as the name suggests, incorporate keywords that your blog is about in them. This is good for a number of reasons. Firstly it communicates something to your readers very quickly with regards to what your blog is about.
    Brandable Domains – these domains might often have some relation to their topic in terms of their feel or sound but are much more about creating something memorable that can become an identity in and of itself.

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    Default Re:

    Thanks for sharing this information with us! It's good to know for a beginner with no experience behind.

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    you can use both but if you have company than you need to go for company

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    Quote Originally Posted by Event in Delhi View Post
    What should i take Keyword based or brand based domain?
    If you target a keyword based domain name then you cannot include anything else i.e topic other than keyword based niche cannot be written. Let's understand this with an example

    for example we have created a domain based on the Keyword "Best website hosting sites" so the exact match domain name will be . So you may get the benefit of ranking when user searches for the keyword best website hosting sites.

    But the disadvantage of Exact match domain is that you cannot write about blogging or Digital Marketing in a domain which is focussed on website hosting.

    In case you are looking for a long term work, then you should go with a brand based domain as you can include all the niches. But if you want to target a very specific niche and want to rank for it then you can go with the keyword based domain.

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