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    Red face please review my website

    hello guys i have built a new website its about chating and chat rooms please review my website and give me your feedback what i have done wrong and suggestions thanks in advence

    best regards


    link :

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    Wow your site looks great, but i think your site speed is little bit slow you have to increase.
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    Its amazing, great job!!

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    Site looks is very good but create the DoFollow links to your website & update the new content.

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    I like to visit your site Beautiful work, attractive site.

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    Looks well and good. Give home page link in your logo.

    Good Luck.

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    Good Site but why you disable new registration now how can i Review the website and speed is slow but still Great Job done.
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    great site but i think your site little bit show .. please optimize your site

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    Yes your site is amazing..Good Job.

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