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    Default How to increase DA and PA of Website?

    Can anyone explain how can I increase the Domain Authority and Page authority of my website?

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    DA & PA both are MOZ SEO metrics. If you want to improve your website DA & PA, first you have to optimize your website technical SEO issues.

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    Domain authority or DA is the measure of strength and popularity of your domain in search engines. It is measured by Moz and your domain is ranked between 0 to100 depending on the popularity and trust. DA can be improved by good content update and also by building backlinks from other relevant domains.
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    There are no such fix terms to increase PA, DA of any website, but tentatively it depends on your popularity and age of the domain.To increase its popularity try to get backlinks from the reputed sites.Quality content, increase Do follow backlinks from high DA sites.

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    Most bloggers and site owners have one goal in common:

    Rank higher in search engines.
    There are hundreds of web metrics out there, but there is one web metric that has grown in importance exponentially since it came into the world of SEO.

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    there is a brilliant article by Neil Patel which describes as to how you can increase your Domain Authority by 5 in two weeks. Follow the below given steps to increase your DA.

    Conduct a Link Audit:
    Get rid of the bad and toxic links either manually or by using the disavow tool.

    Try to build High quality backlinks and try to make guest postings on high Domain Authority sites like Buzzfeed, Huffingtonpost etc.

    Make use of Tools like SEMRUSH and do a site audit to get rid of the broken links and other errors.

    Make use of Q&A sites like as it does help to some extent to get good rankings

    Create High quality content that is shareworthy and useful for the readers

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    1: Ensure that your technical SEO is in place
    2: Create lots of linkable content
    3: Develop strong internal linking
    4: Regularly remove toxic backlinks

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    Create high quality content on your website and high domain authority back links too. This can increase your domain and page authority.

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